Eden’s Shadow

Amid a vast wilderness, Charles and fifteen companions awaken in a primitive village with no memory of how they got there. There are log cabins to live in, buckskins to wear, and only what they can grow or hunt to eat. And there is no sign of civilization anywhere. No roads, no buildings, not even planes in the sky. No one knows why they are there. But to survive, Charles and his companions must relearn skills lost to the modern man: from hunting with arrows, to grinding grain with stones and making soap with lye. And then there is that other big question: What are those strange phenomena in the sky? They are invisible. Yet arrows divert when aimed at them and smoke flows around them. Charles figures there is a connection between them and their circumstances, but what could it be? They stay dirty and uncomfortable, bug-ridden and exhausted, but they survive. Some even find their new lifestyle satisfying. But not Charles. He will find out who did this to them, and if they harmed his family, there would be hell to pay. There was no damn way he could be content in this dim shadow of Eden.



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